Tuesday, 10 January 2012

XAT-2012 Detailed Solutions (Quantitative Ability)

Q1) A spherical metal of 10 cm radius is molten and made in to 1000 smaller spheres. In this process, the surface area of the metal is increased by:
(A)  1000
(B)   100
(C)   10
(D)  No change
(E)   None of the above  
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Sunday, 8 January 2012

XAT-2012 Answer Key (English Language Ability and Logical Reasoning)

Q1) “on a wing and a prayer ….
A.     High in spirits
B.      Well prepared
C.      Over confident
D.     Under prepared
E.      buoyant
Answer (D)

XAT-2012 Answer Key (Quantitative Ability)

Q1) A man borrows Rs 6000 at 5% interest,……
A.     3162.75
B.      4125.00
C.      4155.00
D.     5100.00
E.      5355.00
Answer (C)

XAT-2012 Analysis

This time XLRI surprised by reducing the number of questions.
Quantitative Ability – 28 Q’s
English Language Ability and Logical Reasoning – 32 Q’s
Decision Making – 25 Q’s
Total number of Q’s = 85
Time allotted:
As usual 2 Hrs. for this and 20 minutes for the “Analysis of the given two statements” section
Differential Marking:
Even though differential marking is given, it is not that much influential when compared to the XAT-2011. Maximum marks given to question is 2 and the marks allotted to the Q’s range in 1,1.5 and 2 marks.
Negative Marking: it is straight forward. ¼th of the marks allotted to each question  
Difficulty Level:
QA is of moderate difficulty level. This is much easier compared to XAT-2011 QA section and is in similar levels of XAT-2009 and 2010.
English section is of “Easy to Moderate” difficulty level.
DM is tough. The case lets are lengthy and the answer options are not so choosy. Overall, this section is very difficult to crack.
Overall, XLRI-2012 can be rated as “moderate to tough”          

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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Puzzle - 32

If a person makes the statement: “I never speak the truth”, the person can be said to be_______
(A)Speaking the truth
(C)Lying as well as speaking the truth
(D)Making a logically contradictory statement
(E)Partially speaking the truth and partially lying  
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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Multiplication and Division Basics

Multiplication is ‘Repeated Addition’ of ‘one number’ the ‘other number’ of times.
x*y = x+x+x+..... ‘y’ times

Division is ‘Repeated Subtraction’ of second number from the first one, till the answer becomes less than the second number.
x/y = x-y-y-y-.... till the answer becomes less than ‘y’. Here the final answer what we get is called the ‘Remainder’ of the division. And the number of times subtraction is carried out is called the ‘Quotient’ of the division. Here ‘x’ is called the ‘Dividend’ and ‘y’ is called the ‘Divisor’.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Numbers-26 (MPMET-2008)

Consider four digit numbers for which the first and third digits are equal and the second and last digits are equal. How many such numbers are perfect squares?
(A)0     (B)4     (C)1     (D)2
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Probability-12 (MPMET-2008)

What is the probability of getting exactly 60 marks in a paper of 100 marks?
(A)60/100      (B)1/100         (C)1/101         (D)60/101
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Monday, 2 January 2012

Geometry - 20

If the lengths of diagonals DF, AG and CE of the cube shown in the adjoining figure are equal to the three sides of a triangle, then the radius of the circle circumscribing that triangle will be:
(1) Equal to the side of the cube     (2) √3 times the side of the cube   
(3) 1/√3 times the side of the cube           
(4) Impossible to find out from the given information

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