Thursday, 5 January 2012

Puzzle - 32

If a person makes the statement: “I never speak the truth”, the person can be said to be_______
(A)Speaking the truth
(C)Lying as well as speaking the truth
(D)Making a logically contradictory statement
(E)Partially speaking the truth and partially lying  
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  1. Replies
    1. "I never speak truth"--
      1. If we consider it as true,
      =>then it means the person is speaking a true statement
      =>what he said is a false statement
      => there is a contradiction

      2. If we consider it as a false statement,
      =>we are not agreeing that "the person never speaks truth"
      =>we are certifying that he is speaking truth
      =>hence it should be a true statement.
      => again there is a contradiction

    2. sir please explain more more...
      i didn't get u

    3. The person has to speak either true or he has to lye. Only one of these two is possible. So, "I never speak truth" should be either true or false. If we consider it as true, then we have to agree with his statement that he never speak truth. But how can it be possible? How can the very statement "I never speak truth" be true? It itself is contradicting, isn't it? Similarly, how can it be false either? It's totally a self contradicting statement.

  2. it should be D.