Sunday, 18 August 2013

My interview experiences with premier Indian B-schools

I feel privileged to have experience of competing in admission processes for Executive MBA from premier Indian B-schools. Post CAT/GMAT, it starts with submitting papers on SOP, Work-ex, Reco-letters, Questionnaires etc and ends with a crucial Personal Interview. The whole process requires a lot of introspection. I feel it as a rich experience to get involved in those processes with premier Indian B-Schools like IIMs, XLRI, SP Jain’s, NMIMS, IMT etc., I would like to summarize all my experiences here:
I feel that the following are three important qualities that are tested in the admission process: ‘Clarity of thought’, ’Positive attitude’, ’Presentation skills’.

Clarity on Career & Course:
Clarity is expected on “why this course?”. Different answers for this Q are like this: For a working guy, MBA course may be useful for career progression.  It may be useful in switching to new field of work. For example, For an IT developer, it may be useful to switch over to sales & marketing of IT products/services.
Introspection on the following aspects is required:
Your strengths & weaknesses, Aligning of your career objectives with the course objectives, Your achievements, Extra-curricular activities, Hobbies etc.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

A dream comes true…

My full-time MBA dream transforms in to reality now …
It’s a dream to be in top management institutes like IIMs…
It’s a fruitful year… First got admit offer from IIM Bangalore for Post graduate Programme in Public Policy Management and then for EPGP from IIM Indore. I prefer General Management to Public policy and opted for IIM Indore.
I am glad that, for the next one year, I will be put through rigorous course curriculum in the form of “Executive Post Graduate Programme” in one of the temples of management studies in India – IIM Indore. It’s rigorous in the sense that typical two year MBA syllabus is completed in a span of hardly one year. It consists of over 800 class room sessions, case studies, guest lectures by eminent professors, industrialists etc. The class room is a mix of people with diverse work-ex backgrounds. The minimum work-ex required is 5 years. It’s a rich experience to be part of such network of work-ex pool. I am very much willing and eagerly waiting to pass through this transformation phase…
My blog helped me a lot in my journey to IIM. First of all, I attempted CAT-2012 to have a firsthand experience of online format of the prestigious examination and utilize these inputs in building up my blog. My earlier stint with CAT was in 2008, the last paper based format. I felt that, CAT-2012 would give me some sort of real time exposure to analyze the toughest management entrance test of India. But it gave me a lot more. It gave me two IIM calls. CAT/GMAT score is one of several parameters for entry in to executive PG courses in IIMs. Work-ex, SOP, Interview etc., are the other parameters being looked at in the admission process.
My blog not only keeps me in touch with the skills required to crack competitive exams like CAT, but also with many other aspects. It helps to build my confidence levels. It gives me a new lease of life and a lot of happiness. It makes me very optimistic and open-minded. I feel that the time that I spend on building my blog flows with positive energy. It reflected a lot in SOP papers and interview process of my journey to IIM.
I am very much thankful to all the well wishers and followers of my blog. All your wishes and acts make me to continue the tempo…
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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Math in Tenali Ramalinga’s puzzle on elephants

          I came to know about this story through my friend. This is about a problem solved by the great Tenali Ramalinga. I always enjoy Ramalinga’s stories and this is one among those tales:

An old man had three sons. During his life time he acquired 17 elephants (Exactly do not remember whether they are elephants or horses. Let us consider elephants for example). He wrote a note which specifies how these elephants shall be distributed among his three sons after his death. The note says:
“Half of the elephants shall be given to the eldest son. Two third of the remaining shall be give to the second son.  Two third of the remaining shall be give to the third son.”  
Finally the day came and the elephants needed to be distributed among the sons according to the note. But how can it be done? How can we divide 17 elephants such that the eldest son gets half of the share?

Monday, 27 May 2013

CSAT 2013 Solved Paper (paper-II)

1. In a rare coin collection, there is one gold coin for every three non-gold coins. 10 more gold coins are added to the collection and the ratio of gold coins to non-gold coins would be 1:2. Based on the information, the total number of coins in the collection now becomes
(a)90      (b)80     (c)60      (d)50
Initial ratio = G:N = 1:3                   ---(1)
After adding 10 gold coins, the ratio becomes (10+G):N =  1:2     ---(2)
On solving (1) & (2), we get, G=20 and N=60.
Presently, the total number of coins in the collection = (10+G)+N= 10+20+60=90
Ans: (a)

2. A gardener has 1000 plants. He wants to plant them in such a way that the number of rows and the number of columns remains the same. What is the minimum number of plants that he needs more for this purpose?
(a)90      (b)24     (c)32      (d)34
If the number of rows and number of columns are to be equal, then the total number of trees will be in the form of x2, which is nothing but a perfect square. As 1000 is not a perfect square, we need to check for a perfect square above and nearest to 1000.
It’s 1024, which is square of 32. So he needs to add 24 more trees to get 1024.
Ans: (b)