Friday, 18 November 2011

Geometry Concepts -1

When a rectangle is inscribed in a circle, then
Diagonal of the Rectangle = Diameter of the Circle

(1) If the radius of the circle is given as ‘r’, then relation between area and perimeter of the rectangle can be determined as given below:
Diagonal of rectangle = Diameter of circle = 2r
=> √(a2+b2) = 2r => a2+b2 = 4r2 => (a+b)2-2ab = 4r2
=> (½ Perimeter of rectangle)2 – 2(Area of rectangle) = 4r2

(2) If the length and breadth of the rectangle are given as ‘a’ and ‘b’, then area/perimeter of the circle can be determined as given below:
Diameter of circle = Diagonal of rectangle = √(a2+b2)
=> Radius of circle = ½ √(a2+b2)
=> Area of circle = π{½ √(a2+b2)}2 = π(a2+b2)/4
Perimeter of circle = 2π (½ √(a2+b2)) = π √(a2+b2)

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