Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Puzzle-4 (XAT-2008)

Four digits of a number 29138675 are omitted such that the result is as large as possible. The largest omitted digit is:
 (A)5       (B) 6             (C) 7                (D) 8                (E) 9         
Solution follows here:


As we omit 4 digits the left out number is of four digits.

Keep in mind that our target is to get largest number possible.

Come from the left side. 2 can be omitted as it leaves 9 in the left most place.

Similarly 1 and 3 can be omitted leaving 8 for the second left position.

Then the left out digits are 6,7 and 5.

If 6 is omitted, the result is ‘9875’

If 7 is omitted, the result is ‘9865’
If 5 is omitted, the result is ‘9867’.
Omitting 6 gives us largest number.
Finally all the omitted digits are – 1,2,3 and 6, out of which 6 is largest.
Answer is (B)                    

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