Thursday, 8 December 2011

Puzzle-27 (CAT-2004)

Each family in a locality has at most two adults, and no family has fewer than three children. Considering all the families together there are more adults than boys, more boys than girls and more girls than families. Then the minimum possible number of families in the locality is:
(1)4                 (2)5                 (3)2                 (4)3
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  1. Answer (4)3

    Families = 3
    Girls = 4
    Boys = 5
    Adults = 6

    So, There are 3 families with 2 adults and 3 children in each family.

  2. Dear TSK,
    your answer is very true.If we go with the minimum of the answer options ie., 2, families=2 => girls=3 => boys=4 => adults=5, this contradicts the "at most count of 2 adults per family".
    The next minimum value 3 satisfies all the conditions.