Friday, 25 November 2011

CAT Analysis

            Being the last paper-based CAT exam, CAT-2008 has got its own significance. From 2009 onwards, CAT is being conducted online and CAT-Exam Q’s are not openly available. Considering CAT-2008 as a bench mark, it is thoroughly analysed here:

Total number of questions given in ‘Quant’ section is 25, each question contributing for 4 marks and there is a negative mark of 1 for each wrong answer. Out of all, 3 set problems each containing 2 questions are given. A set on number theory containing 2- sub questions is a harder and sitter type problem.  Geometry problem on circles is a harder one. I suggest leaving out such type of problems in the examination. Except these, remaining all come under easy to middle level problems. 

Topic-wise Breakup:

Number Theory- 5 
Algebra – 10
(Simplification -5, Quadratic Equations – 2, Progressions – 1, 
P & C – 1, Binomial Theorem – 1) 
Geometry- 4 
Reasoning – 4
(Pure Reasoning -2, Reasoning with P & C – 2) 
Trigonometry- 2

Difficulty level-wise Breakup:

Easy -8, Medium -14, Hard -3

The given 5 problems on ‘Number Theory’ are of a good mix of difficulty levels. The problem to find last two digits of 72008 is of observation-type and can be rated - Easy. The “seed” problem and “integers written on black board” problem are of medium difficulty level. “Tournament” set, containing two problems on data sufficiency can be rated as harder one. In particular second one is a sitter and is difficult to answer given the limited time in the examination.

Except one out of the given 5 problems on ‘Algebraic Simplifications’, rest all can be rated - Easy types. The one on cubic equation is a sitter and may be rated - Medium.

The one on ‘Binomial Theorem’ is a lengthier one and can be rated - Medium type.

The one on ‘P & C’ can be rated - Easy type.

The one on ‘Progressions’ is a lengthier one and can be rated - Medium type. Given the close answer options, one should be careful while arriving at the final answer.

A set of two problems given on “Quadratic Equations” can be rated as easy type.

Except one out of the given 4 problems on ‘Geometry’, rest all can be rated - Medium types. The one on circles is a harder one.

Even though it is given in the Quant section, the set problem on “Horses” can be termed as pure “reasoning” type. It is a bit time-taking and can be treated - Medium difficulty level. The set problem on “Neelam” is related to “Permutations and Combinations” and a bit of reasoning is also required to solve this. This can also be treated - Medium difficulty level.  Out of the given two problems on ‘Trigonometry’, the one on “Rahim” can be treated - Medium difficulty type, and the one on ‘finding circum radius’ is a straight formula based one and can be tagged as “Easy” type.

Most of the institutes predicted Quant section cut-off to be around 30-34 marks.

Bottom line:
Not calculation intensive, Not Formula intensive, stress is more on Concepts. Wise- selection of problems is required.

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