Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Numbers -2

Mathematical constants 'p'  and 'e' are respectively....
(A) rational and rational        (B) rational and irrational    
(C) irrational and rational      (D) irrational and irrational  
Answer with explanation follows here:


Rational numbers are numbers which can be expressed in the form x/y.

All ‘integers’, ‘terminating decimals’ and ‘non-terminating decimals with repetition of digits’ are rational.

'p' is approximated to 22/7 and is not the exact value. It is an irrational number.

The numerical value of ‘e’ seems to be 2.7182818284590452353602874..
This does not follow a pattern and hence can not be expressed as a fraction. So ‘e’ is also irrational.  
Answer (D) 

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