Saturday, 22 October 2011

Geometry -1 (IIFT-2008)

If D is the mid point of side BC of a triangle ABC and AD is the perpendicular to AC then:
(A)  3AC2 = BC2-AB2
(B)  3BC2 = AC2-3AB2
(C)  BC2+ AC2 = 5AB2
(D) None of the above
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  1. D

    see consider a triangle with base 8cm(BC) and altitude 3(let be AD).

    since D bisects and form right angle,we have 2 RIGHT ANGLED TRIANGLE with height AD(=3cm)
    bases BD(=4cm) and DC(=4cm).

    then using pythogorus theorem,we get AB=5cm and AD=5cm
    subtituting the values in the above four options ,i am getting none of them satisfied

    SO answer option is D)NONE of the above

    1. In the question, it is given that AD is perpendicular to AC but not to BC...